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Since finding the right fulfillment provider can be tough, it’s important to seek one that matches your needs. Choosing a fulfillment provider is similar to dating because you need to make sure that there’s chemistry. You don’t want to pick a fulfillment provider, only to realize that they can’t handle your fulfillment needs the right way. J.M. Field Marketing’s Florida warehouse is the perfect fulfillment provider, since our expertly trained team delivers the most satisfactory fulfillment services in the industry. We understand both the client and customer, so we know what’s best when it comes to online order processing, web-based inventory management, Ecommerce fulfillment and warehousing and distribution.

The Experience You’ll Receive with Our East Coast Warehouse

Since we provide all of the essential services of fulfillment to keep your business on track, there’s no reason not to choose our East Coast warehouse. J.M. Field Marketing offers clients full service kitting and assembly solutions by utilizing the right materials, equipment and fulfillment staff to handle customer requests. When you choose kitting and assembly services at our East Coast warehouse, we’ll be able to improve your profit margins and reduce your overhead cost. Our pick, pack and ship fulfillment services are also extremely effective, since we can ease your product fulfillment load. By choosing our team, we’ll work to implement cost effective tactics to save your business time and money!

More Information to Love about Our East Coast Fulfillment

We also have a safe and secure online order processing system that allows both employees and customers to easily place orders online. As soon as an order is received, our East Coast warehouse team immediately packs and ships each order. The best part of outsourcing your fulfillment to J.M. Field Marketing is that you have complete control over how much inventory is shipped out and you’ll also be able to view tracking information when you need to. Our state-of-the-art East Coast warehouse ships thousands of orders to customers and distribution centers around the world. Our warehouse is also climate controlled, so we can store your sensitive and fragile products in a safe environment. For further questions or assistance, contact our East Coast fulfillment team today!

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